Gabriella is one of the most important Italian Cosplayers.
She came out for the first time during Italian Comicon 2006 with the nickname Mogu as a little and sweet Moogle (MOGUri in Italian) from Final Fantasy, game that developped his “nerd” character since childhood.
After her debut, she proved her transformist ability fitting inside shoes of the most different character you can imagine, from videogames to manga and anime.
She graduated at Architecture University of Naples and master in Interior Design and works with biggest event and convention as exhibition designer.

In free time, she began sewing and building accessories by herself using various materials from the most common to the most complex.
Winner of numerous italian awards (best female costume, best actress, best group, best costume game, best couple, …) she was invited to numerous conventions worldwide as as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and Host like TNT Mexico in 2012, CosplayBall in Madrid, FiCom in Barcellona and HoldfényCon in Budapest and many others. She collaborates in the events with companies like Universal Pictures and Blizzard and promotes the website CosplayMat.

She was also the Italian representative of ‘European Cosplay Gathering 2012 in Paris during the Japan Expo winning the third place; in 2011 she gained the first place in the world photo competition held by Otaku Cosplay House, a Japanese organization.
Last big success was in Japan in World Cosplay Summit 2014. Italian rapresentative gained the second place and a special performance award with Kaleido Star cosplays and angain as Italian rapresentative in European Cosplay Gathering 2016.
She also appeared in several Italian and international journals with photos and interviews (as Cosmode, Cosplay Gen, Cosplay Magazine, Game Republic, …).

Feel free to contact Gabriella from the Contact page  form to know more about her.